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Best Hosting For wordpress - 2020

Today we will talk about Siteground Hosting  We will get to know whether Siteground is the king of the hosting or it is having some drawbacks  I am using Siteground for 1.5 years and I have made a detailed review on it But now there are certain changes that have happened in it, It is now shifted to Google Cloud and there are some side tools that are added to it So it would be a new and a detailed review on it If we talk about Siteground Company, it started over in the year 2004, It is a European based company They have improved their services a lot since then You can find their team in the About Us Page

It feels real and good that there are people to take accountability for it I am always happy when I see the information about a team in their About Us Page Talking about their websites, I have taken their Grow Big Plan which is $5.95 I have hosted 2 websites  I have used Site builder to make this website If I talk about its Overview, you will find this interface, We will go to the website You will find the website list if you want to add a new website, you can add it So there are some websites, which I have hosted in my new plan If I go to Site tools, this would be my interface

Here you won't find any Cpanel For existing customers, Cpanel would close soon So this is the type of interface, you can go to various options, which were available in Cpanel In fact it would be an easy and good interface There is one-click easy Wordpress Installation Support It is very easy to install Wordpress in Siteground Server Response Time is good in Singapore Servers And overall it is an A+ Performance Speed in Bangalore is 1.2s and Singapore has 700ms I have not used any External Cache Plugin There is a Cache Plugin by default from Siteground 

I have done all testings in their default settings If I optimize it and minify JavaScript and HTML All those options are available in their plugin If I apply all those settings, I can get a better speed After Google Cloud, there has been an improvement in the speed of Siteground You get an inbuilt Cache Manager You also get a Siteground Optimisation Plugin for Wordpress So this is a good plugin If you use this plugin, you won't require any External Plugin or any Paid Plugin 

It is a very powerful plugin, it can do everything like minifying, video and image optimisations You can find every essential element in this Plugin Talking about Uptime, I am using this new Hosting for 1.5 months and I have not experienced any sort of Downtime There has been 100% Uptime since 1200 hours and there is no Downtime yet If I visit my old websites, which are hosted in the Old Siteground It has been unavailable there I am observing this from last year December 2019 Till now as of May 2020, I have not experienced any Downtime There has been downtime of 7min, 1 min and 9 min Since March I have not experienced any Downtime for last 3 months So you will see a good uptime in Siteground.

I have seen good results in Load Test I have sent 50 virtual users and the blue line here is straight, without any fluctuations There are no HTTP failures So it has easily passed the load tests Data Centres are in US, UK, Netherlands, and Singapore They have added 2 new Data Centers in Germany and Australia Backups are 30 days off servers backups which are easy to use There is also 1 Click Restoration Options Inode Count at Startup is 1.5 lakh, Grow big has 3 lakh and GoGeek has 4.45 lakh Customer Support is 24x7 Live Chat Support, which is technical and good There is no support on call available Live Chat Support in my experience is good and fast But in the rare case scenario, it has long waiting time I have seen waiting time of 40-50 mins But usually, they receive the queries at 5-10 mins 

Talking about the pricing, when you go to the Siteground, you will see such options like Web Hosting, Wordpress Hosting and Woo Commerce Hosting available We are talking about Shared Hosting Plans So these are the Shared Hosting Plans Go to Wordpress Hosting, it is the best plan You can host Wordpress and if you require Cpanel, you would get it If you are planning to open E-Commerce then go to Woo Commerce Hosting You can go to Web Hosting, but Wordpress and Web Hosting are almost the same

So the plans are StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek StartUp plan starts from $3.95/month GoGeek goes up to $11.95 per month All 3 plans are good But for the majority, the best plan would be GrowBig which starts from $5.95/month They have high renewal rates, it starts from $19.95/month which is almost 70% high So if its possible try to buy a 3-year plan 

Talking about the payment options, you can use International Debit and Credit Cards, Netbanking is not available You can also select your data centers In Time Period, you can select for 12/24/36 months, it will be the same discount for all these months The one you don't have to select is the trial package which is of 1 month, where you will get 45.95+ $24.95 is the setup fee After it when you renew it, you will have to pay the normal rates, you won't get the discounted price

So don't take Trail Package by mistake If you want to do the trail, do it for 1 year and then if you didn't like the performance, within 1 month you can claim a refund You can claim a refund within 30 daysYou get Free Cloudflare Option in CDN You also get the feature of staging, it comes into play when you have to do certain testings in your website You do all such testings at the backend copy of the websitesThe changes are not visible in the live website unless you finalize all such changes

If I have to change a theme, I will make a  copy I will do changes and apply it on the website to see how it looks I would check whether all things are working properly or not If changes would be finalized, then I can apply changes to the real website Migrations are not free, previously they use to give it, but now they have discontinued free migrations Now you will have to pay $30 per migration if you want them to migrate your website

They have a plugin which is easy to use It is a very good, easy to use and a powerful plugin You can easily use it to migrate your website Softwares have PHP 7.4, Python 3.7 Support You won't find the support of Perl and NodeJS You get Weebly Sitebuilder It is one of the best Sitebuilders that I have used in the Shared Hosting It's very easy to use and a good site builder for Shared Hosting You will have separate pricing for Sitebuilder, the free version have certain elements

There are 3 to 4 more packages available If you have to start through Sitebuilder then the free package would be sufficient and then you can upgrade slowly In domains, you have a free temporary domain You won't get a free primary domain for free as you get in other hostings when you take their 1-year hosting Here if you take it for 1 year or 3 years, you won't get any free domain You get unlimited email accounts, which are limited through a particular size The first plan would have 2000MB, then it would be 4000MB and 6000MB Siteground was PCI Complaint earlier, but now it isn't

If you don't know what is a PCI Compliance, then you don't need to go into it further This is usually not provided in the Shared Hosting But since Siteground used to provide it earlier, and now it doesn't, so that's why I have included it here You also get Team Collaboration Options They have a good security and there are no issues yet If you have like the detailed review, HIT LIKE Button as it helps me and motivates me a lot 

So if I talk about its Pros, you get a good speed, It is supported by Google Cloud and it has a Good Customer Care You get a powerful Cache Plugin There are good backups and restore options You get Weebly SItebuilder Support and you get 1 Click Wordpress Installation Talking about its Cons, there are High Renewals, No Free Migrations are available There is less storage space 1st plan has 10GB Space, the 2nd plan has 20GB Space, and 3rd plan has 40GB Space It was 30GB previously but now it has been changed to 40GB 

There is no free domain available So will I recommend it? According to me, it is one of the best Shared Hosting for Wordpress Yes, it is a bit expensive, But if you consider its other factors like Speed, Reliability, Security and Support Backup Option, Powerful Plugin Option, Cache System When you combine all these factors together, then it seems worthy It is one of the most reliable hostings Since 5 years, they are on top and they have maintained their positions 

since then, They are constantly improving their website and its services So if I have to bet my money on Shared Hosting then it would be Siteground If you don't have that budget, then Fastcomet is also a good option Hostinger is a good option for the lowest budget If you have high traffic on a website which is upto 1 lakh, so you should head towards Cloudways


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