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Is Guest Post is Good For Seo?

Is Guest Post is Good For Seo?

Is Guest Post is Good For Seo?

Hello Everyone, lots of websites these days are still using guest blogging as their  main link building strategy, but does guest blogging even still work for SEO anymore? And will it help boost your rankings? Well, in this Article, I'm going to cover the reasons about whether guest blogging works or not, why that is and what Google officially says on the topic. 

So the first thing I'd say is that Google recently said you should no-follow all links from guest posts, okay? So if you don't want to go against Google's webmaster guidelines, it's a fact that you should no-follow all of your links. You know, they shouldn't pass any value or link juice from the guest blog to your website if you're just doing it for link building. So technically, guest blogging does not work anymore, simply because it goes against Google's webmaster guidelines, if you're doing this to boost your rankings with SEO. 

Google also stated that if you're building these types of links, chances are they're just going to get ignored, okay? So with Google's algorithm, they can identify guest blogs and the types of links that you're getting with these, and therefore, they're just going to be either devalued, they're going to be ignored completely, and either way, they're not going to boost your rankings ratio, and the chances are, as well, it's very easy for Google's algorithm to tell whether you've posted a guest blog, okay? Because there are certain on-page indicators that show that that's a guest blog. 

So when Google calls that page, it's going to see, right, this is a guest post, it's just there for link building and therefore, any sort of links going from the guest blog to your website are going to be devalued or ignored completely. But why doesn't Google like guest posts? Well, essentially it's because websites have abused this system of guest blogging for years and years. So for a long time now, websites have been posting guest posts that have terrible content, and aren't really therefor any other purpose apart from link building, and this creates a spammy experience for Google's users if Google starts ranking these sort of guest blogs, and that's why it doesn't like this sort of content.

And not just that, there's all these sort of guest blog networks of websites that are pumping out guest posts for the sake of link building and not really providing any value for the website. So these aren't real websites that people are actually going to read; they're simply there to pump out guest posts and help other websites rank higher. And usually this comes at a price and you have to pay that website to get your guest blog featured on their site. So as you can see, this creates all this sort of spam that Google doesn't really want to promote.

But actually, as a link builder, I would say this isn't the worst thing in the world. If Google doesn't like guest blogs, that's great because, actually, it's a terrible link building method from a scalability point of view. Why? Because you have to write so much content if you want to get a lot of links from guest blogging, but also, it takes alot of time to arrange. And then when you approach a webmaster, either they're going to ask you for money or it's going to be a long time before they publish your content. 

And not just that, but when you start guest blogging, usually the types of links that you get are edited before they get through. So, you know, your article may not receive the links that you wanted in the first place, and you know, if you're trying to get links to your sales pages, quite often, they're removed before the article is published if the webmaster doesn't like the links that you've added to the content. So guest blogging comes with all these sort of problems and disadvantages that I really don't like, especially in comparison to something like the skyscraper technique or HARO link building, which provides a much more scalable and effective way of getting links to your site.

Now, what I will say is that, even though guest blogging isn't good for link building, it's definitely not good for SEO, it does have some value. Okay, so let me explain: If you're trying to promote your authority; if you're trying to show that you're an influencer in a certain industry, then guest blogging is really good for that because it shows that other websites are promoting your editorial pieces, simply because you're an expert on the topic. And that way, you know, when people Google your name or your brand or that sort of thing, and they see all these guest blogs on other sites that they also respect, then that shows your expertise. 

But also, if you get postedon a big enough website, that's very popular, that gets a lot of readers, then you can reach a new audience that hasn't heard of you before. So it's a very powerful marketing tactic. Additionally, if you get posted on a website like or, and it's a great article that promotes your expertise, then people may click on the link from that site to yours, and that's a great opportunity for referral traffic from other websites. So if you want to reach a new audience, then I'd definitely recommend guest blogging, especially if you want to promote your expertise, but just don't do it for SEO. 

Load your site, but if you get a lot of mentions around the web, then that boosts your brand awareness, okay? So that creates more credibility from other websites, but also in the eyes of Google, it's going to look more credible, too, which could lead to higher rankings in the future. Plus, if more websites of this seen your site from other guest blogs that you've posted, even if they're no-follow, the people who visit your site could potentially link to you in the future, awarding you a do-follow link. 

So even though guest blogging isn't directly good for SEO or link building, it can, eventually, later down the line, lead to high rankings and also do-follow links from other websites. So it's not all that bad. So thanks for reading this article till end. I hope you found this useful. If you did, please share this with your social friends..

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