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what is email deliverability | What is E- Mail Marketing

It's something that every email marketer really has to understand because it's the basis for email marketing tools. It's the reason they exist. Email deliverability means how successful your emails are at arriving in your subscribers inboxes. Now have you ever tried to send an email from your gmail or your hot mail or your outlook account to 300 or 3000 contacts? 

You probably haven't but if you have you'll see they all bounce back! They don't arrive. And this is why email service providers also called ESPs like Send in blue exist. 

So we can mass deliver your emails to inboxes how do mass emails arrive in customers inboxes now it's important to just have a basic idea of what your email marketing tool does for you and what the journey is that all your emails are gonna take on their way to your recipient's inboxes.

So let's look at that so first of all you press send you design your email you hit send and it goes out instantly to thousands of contacts not so fast first it has to pass internal filters and every good esp should have internal filters set up to make sure it's not spam 

once the servers of your esp  travels the internet and then arrives at the inbox server now before the email is even allowed onto the server of gmail or outlook or whatever it is it has to pass ip checks and more spam filters and these are called gateway filters

This is important because this is where the receiving server checks to see if your email is coming from a blacklisted ip address or maybe a white listed ip address next it gets sorted by internal spam filters into either the spam folder or the inbox so what's important to take away from this is that there are many checks that your emails have to go through before they arrive at your recipient's inbox and they might be classified as spam before they even make it into the spam filter

Now i mentioned that when it reaches the gateway filter point it has to pass ip checks let's talk more about that white lists and blacklists one of the ways that email providers identify spam is by looking at the ip address of the sender to see what kind of reputation they have if they have a good reputation their ip address might be on a white list which is a positive list of approved senders such as the csa the certified senders association

If you're sending emails from a  whitelisted sender then those emails will have no problems arriving in the inbox now the opposite of a whitelist is a blacklist which is a negative list of untrustworthy senders such as spam house now if your ip address or your domain is blacklisted your emails have no shot getting into the inbox none there are a lot more providers of blacklists out there than white less so a lot of blacklist providers

 such as spam house maintain these lists of untrustworthy senders and getting on one of these can be very hard to get yourself removed from so what affects your reputation well we've already established that deliverability depends on your online reputation your ip reputation your domain reputation which means your reputation as a sender on the internet this means that the number of bounces complaints and unsubscribes that you receive directly impacts your online reputation and it doesn't just affect you it affects your esp

This is why send in blue has such a strict anti-spam policy so what can you do to maintain your reputation first of all you can use what are called email authentication protocols and what these do is basically say that the ip address of the esp is permitted to send for your domain they also validate the content and provide some additional instructions with a reporting mechanism so you can set these up pretty easily and we have instructions on how to do soon the send and blue help site 

The next thing you can do to maintain you re-reputation is connect your email address to a live web page so this means you're avoiding no reply email addresses you never want to send mass emails from those but it also means you're steering clear of free email address providers like gmail or web or hot mail so your email reputation your deliverability will be enhanced if you use an email address connected to a domain that you own and you also have to choose if you're going to send with shared or dedicated ip addresses if you don't send very often then you want to use the shared ip addresses 

because you're benefiting from the good deliverability of other senders but if you send a lot then you can control your ip reputation much better by using a dedicated ip address and this is something that your esp will be able to walk you through and explain to you based on your situation whether shared or dedicated ip addresses are best for you finally and we will talk about this a bit more as well you want to practice good list hygiene 

So this means you don't want to act like a spammer so you want to make your subscribers complete a double opt-in we'll talk a lot about that coming up you want to remove bounces and inactive subscribers you might want to run re-engagement campaigns when people stop reading your emails and you have to never ever buy email of addresses buy email addresses that is a one-way ticket to no deliverability in a blacklist so follow these steps and you should not have any deliverability problems we hope we've given you a good understanding of why email deliverability is at the heart of email marketing.

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