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Does Social Bookmarking Backlinks Works in 2020

Do You Know Some people are still using social bookmarking for backlinks in 2020. Okay. It's not gonna to help your site. It could do more harm than good. And I'm gonna teach you exactly why that is in this Article. Now, if you've already built social bookmark links or you're thinking about doing it, don't worry, because I'm gonna teach you some of the best link building alternatives to this, so that you can grow your site, boost your rankings and drive more traffic with link building. Now, with that, let's jump in.  Now, just to quickly recap, what is Social Bookmarking and how does it impact your rankings? Well, when it comes to link building, this is essentially getting aback link from a social media site to your site. And the idea is that the social media sites carry a lot for authority. So if you get a link from them, that's gonna boost your rankings too. And you know, you could use sites like, Reddit, like Twitter, like Dick, like Dribbble. All th

How to do Image Seo | Image optimization

In this Article   I will share the basic tips about Image SEO. If you are running an online store then Image SEO is essential to let   more customers   to find your product in search engines Let’s get started now The first tip is   to name your images properly Make your filename a good description   of the subject matter of the image And not just the random number or character   before you upload to the website Be disciplined to have a habit   every time you export or save an image Next   is to give every image an ALT text   What is ALT Text   In short   it allows website owners   to describe the image in plain text And help search engines   to understand the context of the image Feel free to insert the SEO keyword   if relevant to   the visual Then choose the best file type of the image. Understand the difference between between JPEG vs PNG the two most common image format for a website The reason behind it is   the final file size as it will directly affect   your

Are Backlinks are Important For Seo

Hey - What's up, guys? SEO is basically a popularity contest in terms of backlinks, and the more backlinks you get, the more popular you are and the higher you're going to rank, but just how important are backlinks? Can you rank without them? Do you need to focus only on building backlinks? So very short answer is that backlinks are still the most important ranking factor, and if you're hustling and grinding it out and publishing alots of content, but you're not building backlinks, then the chances are you're   wasting your time because the thing is you need more backlinks than your competitors if you genuinely want to rank, and if you look at almost any search term or any sort of keyword, you'll see that the top-ranking results are usually the ones with the most backlinks. So if you genuinely want to compete and you want to rank first on Google, then backlinks are still the most important ranking factor.  I mean, Ahrefs even did a study on this and they

what is email deliverability | What is E- Mail Marketing

It's something that every email marketer really has to understand because it's the basis for email marketing tools. It's the reason they exist. Email deliverability means how successful your emails are at arriving in your subscribers inboxes. Now have you ever tried to send an email from your gmail or your hot mail or your outlook account to 300 or 3000 contacts?  You probably haven't but if you have you'll see they all bounce back! They don't arrive. And this is why email service providers also called ESPs like Send in blue exist.  So we can mass deliver your emails to inboxes how do mass emails arrive in customers inboxes now it's important to just have a basic idea of what your email marketing tool does for you and what the journey is that all your emails are gonna take on their way to your recipient's inboxes. So let's look at that so first of all you press send you design your email you hit send and it goes out insta

Is Guest Post is Good For Seo?

Is Guest Post is Good For Seo? Hello Everyone, lots of websites these days are still using guest blogging as their  main link building strategy, but does guest blogging even still work for SEO anymore? And will it help boost your rankings? Well, in this Article, I'm going to cover the reasons about whether guest blogging works or not, why that is and what Google officially says on the topic.  So the first thing I'd say is that Google recently said you should no-follow all links from guest posts, okay? So if you don't want to go against Google's webmaster guidelines, it's a fact that you should no-follow all of your links . You know, they shouldn't pass any value or link juice from the guest blog to your website if you're just doing it for link building. So technically, guest blogging does not work anymore, simply because it goes against Google's webmaster guidelines, if you're doing this to boost your rankings with SEO.